I recently attended a Summer League game where #2 (wearing #3) was walked three times and scored twice.  Not to bad for the second outing of the season.  In fact, I was quite impressed by his single-handed double-play whilst playing second base.  A quick reaction line drive catch and a step on the bag as the runner had begun to advance and that was that.  Unfortunately, they lost the game, but our boys played well and were excellent sportsmen.

Speaking of sportsmanship I have to commend one of the young men on the opposing team for his honesty and character.  A pitch came in quite inside and the umpire called it dead and told the young man to take his base.  He refused, stating that the ball did not hit him, and he stepped back into the box.  Most of the crowd cheered for him.  What bothered me were the fathers on the opposing team who loudly stated that, “honesty doesn’t win ball games”.  Seriously, this was said by more than one, and quite loudly.

Maybe I belong to a by gone age, but I still think honesty counts for something, and I do not want to live in a world where “honesty doesn’t win ball games, fill out tax forms, make wedding vows, do business deals, etc.”.   Remember, never do business with a man who cheats in cards, golf, or baseball.  Tonight I am thankful that, despite the pressure exerted by the mob, there are still parents raising fine gentlemen and instilling in them the way of virtue. I am also thankful that the majority of the crowd tonight celebrated good sportsmanship and honest, instead of  a “win at all costs” attitude.

So, there you go.  Thank you #33 for your stand and for teaching us adults a thing or two.