The Answer is “Thunk”.

“What is the sound a cast bronze musical instrument with a broken clapper makes?”

The game of questions and answers, or vice versa.

A few weeks ago noted mega pastor and “theolgian” Rob Bell visited with America’s favorite culture maker Oprah for an interview.  Of course, he had the opportunity to use the world’s largest stage for an excellent exposition of the Christian faith, and well, he did about as well as I would do on a surf board.

Seriously, it was that bad.  Now, I won’t subject you to the entire interview, but would like to take just one question offered by the leading light of culture.  Just one pitch offered in the sweet spot, ready to be hammered out of the park for a bases empty grand slam.  A question so simple that any qualified pastor ought to be able to answer winsomely and a smile.  Let’s play “Jeopardy”!

A: My thirteen-year-old son and I will often go surfing.

Sounds fun.  Not my bag, as my balance is a bit off (bad back, you know), but not a bad activitity for a father and son.  Nothing wrong with a good bit of family time.  All pastors need that, as spending quality time with the progeny is a great way to teach values and build relationships that matter.  Props to the Bell for making time for his kiddo.    Now are you ready for the question?

Q: My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is?

Look, I love spending the quality time with the fam, but a pastor who publicly says that his favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is to surf, has serious issues with his calling.  Even if, for sake of argument, he only has church on Saturday or Sunday evenings, should he not at least recognize that any type of residual appreciation for Christianity in our culture would expect a “churchy” answer?  “You know, your Oprahness, I love me some time with the kid on the beach, but being with my Jesus people is the awesomest and coolest thing to do on any given Sunday!”  That would have gotten some props.  But did he mention worship?  Preaching the Gospel?  Celebrating the Sacred Mysteries?  Singing Hymns?  Being with the Family of God?  Nope, none o’ that stuff, just give me my boy and a board, cause “it’s perfect”, and there might be dolphins.

Thanks for the help buddy. I mean, really, thanks.  Now I can tell those torn between worship, baseball, softball, football, fishing, golf, sleeping in, or any other of the many things that we want to prioritize over joining the Church in worship on any given Sunday, that it is ok, we don’t need it, because, well, one of the “leaders” of post-modern “Christianity” has said so.  Setting up our desires over God used to be called “idolatry”, but that is so old-fashioned now.

For the record my favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries.  I love to tell the old story, to sing, to join with the family of God and celebrate the Holy Eucharist.  I am incomplete without it.  Through the Holy Eucharist we are fed with the the Body and Blood of our Savior for newness of life. Here is perfection.  Could there really be anything better to do on a Sunday morning?

Dude, surfing is way excellent, but worship is better!

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