Back in Black

Over the winter I abandoned my experiment with wearing a cassock every day. This was mainly due to the inconvenience of being cold and not wanting to pay regular cleaning fees after getting snow, slush, and mud splattered.  However, having been, shall we say, gently reminded by herself, I am back to wearing it on a daily basis. I now return to my regularly scheduled experiment.  I hope that it is habit forming.

In my jaunt across the interwebs, I found this video of an Orthodox abbot discussing his reasoning for clerical attire.

2 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. Dave, this willingness to forgo discipline for a little slush sounds strangely like the Roman “Saturday night Mass of Convenience” movement! (lol) There is one other perspective that may apply. We have a small group of Amish sepratists here that will go un named. They maintain that excessive cleanliness leads to hubris and foppish pride. I never buy any baked goods from their children, nor do I stand downwind from them on market day! A true staryets would be willing to be dirty to the Glory of our Lord!.. Do forgive my spelling, my bad humor and my bad theology. All of those things get more problematic with my advancing senitlity.

    • Only a true friend, would take my confession and show it for the prideful admission it is! I never claimed to be a true staryets, got the fool part down pretty well, but not so much the holy. (lol).

      I was taught that cleanliness was next to godliness, so those Amish would be wrong.

      Good to hear from you my friend.

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