Veterans’ Day 2016

107th_Cavalry_Distinctive_Unit_InsigniaLast Friday, I had the honor to serve as the keynote speaker for the Veterans’ Day observances at both Tri-Valley High and Middle Schools.  It was a privilege to address the young men and women of that community.

The focus of my address was simply on service, and placing ourselves second to others.  This is effectively what our Veterans have done.  Each of them, whether volunteers or draftees, stepped forward and signed on a dotted line for service before self.  Each of those who served honorably deserve our respect and gratitude being willing to serve when this nation called.  Whether or not we agree with the politicians and their maneuvering that brings, or has brought, this nation into conflict, the men and women who have served deserve our thanks.

So, what is the best way to thank a veteran?  Parades, programs, and discounts are nice, but I believe I speak for most veterans when I say the best thank you is to be of service to your fellow citizens and pass on the respect for, and love of, the freedoms so many have served (and died) to keep.
To all the old troopers, especially those of the 2-107th Cavalry, Scouts Out!
And don’t forget Fiddler’s Green.